As we’re commemorating Sumpah Pemuda this month, let’s give special attention to the youth, as they’re the future of our nation.

DEOS Group acknowledges the importance of collaborating with the youth to further develop the organization. “In terms of recruitment, we’re committed to the principle that Human Resource should never discriminate candidates, even by age,” Mrs. Sandria, the Head of HRM Department from DEOS Group, shared. “We welcome all candidates, including the young ones, as long as they can internalize our company’s values.”

“This is an era of change, and DEOS understands that the company needs new innovations brought by the young candidates, whose mindset & spirit are quite broad,” she concluded.

Indonesia has a demographic bonus – which means, we have quite a lot of young people within our society. We should not lose hope for our nation’s future as we rebuild our business, our work, and the life of our society. Let’s give more room to the youth to create the world we want to have, not just forcing them to re-establish the world we had before. Indonesia youth is the future of our nation, let’s keep the spirit of Sumpah Pemuda alive!

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