Covid-19 has radically altered the consumer experience in ways that no one could have predicted. It has completely changed the in-person experience, resulting in a digital space that is louder and far more difficult to cut than ever before.

While it has already changed the business environment, customer experience pioneers are developing strategies not only for the now, but also for the future. Following months of upheaval and uncertainty, the administration has issued new policies and procedures.

We must consider altering consumer behavior as well as the influence of the epidemic on how brands satisfy and manage customer expectations. As we continue to live in this dynamic era and witness the profound influence it has had on our lives, the impact on the consumer psychology and business is clear. It is critical to have the ability to endure uncertainty and be ready to pivot rapidly, which may include:

1. Influence customer behavior.
CX leaders must focus their efforts on assisting and educating those who are not yet digital. They must either re-imagine elements of essential client interactions or adopt solutions that improve or replace the damaged touch-points. CX leaders must concentrate on informing their consumers about their options and available resources, depending on their circumstances and current or future demands. It may appear to be a long process, but the first step must be taken in that direction — the sooner the better.

2. Use digital touchpoints instead of in-person touchpoints.
We’re seeing a lot of digital adoption, and our digital channel transactions are rising, but that’s only part of the picture. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get all of our contact centers set up for working from home and getting all of the appropriate equipment to the employees. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on customer onboarding processes. We have had a strong reliance on in-person contacts in financial services, such as loans, akin to banking or insurance. We needed to churn out a digital boarding path swiftly and make it a touchless process.

3. Addressing barriers to CX success in ‘New Normal’
In a post-pandemic environment, it is clear that the best techniques for engaging with customers will be different. While clients will continue to expect the same quality of service, albeit more through digital channels, we must maintain an Omnichannel experience and, in some situations, retain in-person touchpoints available. As a result, CX leaders must direct their organizations’ resources to spend significantly in this direction and overcome the impediments as soon as possible.

We can’t keep playing old school and hoping for a different (favorable) outcome in this new normal.CX Technology and digital avenues must be prioritized in our investments. We must begin re-imagining client journeys, enriching business processes, and re-aligning them as soon as possible, while continuing to track the impact.

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