Inevitably, lots of technological features that make our modern life more convenient, not always be easily accessible in rural areas. One of our business units, Pacifica, released a product named WARKAT (Warung Keuangan Terpadu) to answer the challenges.

WARKAT comes in the form of an application that can be used as a one stop service payment gateway for online transaction solutions that’s easy to use, competitive, and innovative for all stakeholders across the social fabric. WARKAT has existed in several rural areas in Indonesian islands, from remote areas in Sumatera, Java, Borneo, Bali to Makassar. “For example, the villagers in the Dieng Mountain area, they used to have to descend from the village to a nearby city once a week only to finish their financial business. After Warkat services enter their area, they can just finish it quickly near their homes,” Novy Heryunoro, the President Director of WARKAT shared.

Realising that tech products have to be updated regularly in order to stay relevant in the industry, WARKAT has been constantly updated. “Starting from application stability to product developments we will always update. We also make sure to prevent down-time in our product,” he commented. “We realize that WARKAT has competitive edges from its competitors. From the business side, we have a lot of flexibility in negotiating with partners.In terms of transaction reliability, we will continue to ensure that WARKAT is always trusted by the customers.”

The technology of WARKAT is designed to facilitate utility payment such as electrical or water, also to other regular bills, such as paid TV. “I believe Indonesia is on its way of progressing to become a tech-fluent society, and we pave the way toward it, one community at times.”

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