As the dynamic in the workplace becomes more shifty, HR must take extra effort to navigate and adapt well in their HR processes – such as during talent acquisition.

We discussed the matter with Aufa Putri Suryanto, Psychologist & Senior Recruitment Officer of KPSG, on how Human Resources can implement the best practice for recruiting nowadays – and she mentioned the terms VUCA. Have you ever heard about it?

It is commonly perceived that today’s organisation is facing the conditions of VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Let’s check them out one by one:

– Volatility
The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts. This element is relevant, as the world is changing fast, turbulent, unstable, and unpredictable. No one can predict that 2020 would be the worst year for almost all business sectors in the world, right?
– Uncertainty
It refers to the lack of predictability, the prospects for surprise, and the sense of awareness and understanding of issues and events. We understand that the future is full of uncertainty. History and past experiences are no longer relevant to predicting probabilities and what will happen.
– Complexity
It’s the multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues, no cause-and-effect chain and confusion that surrounds organization. The modern world is more complex than ever. Problems and consequences are more layered, intertwined, and influence each other.
– Ambiguity
The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect confusion. The business environment is increasingly confusing, unclear, and difficult to understand. Every situation can give rise to many interpretations and perceptions.

As the personnel responsible for the Human Resources matters, how should we respond to the VUCA situation? “Be open to new possibilities, both in terms of technology, qualifications, work arrangements, offerings, and so on,” Aufa reminded. So, are you ready to face the music? Let’s handle the VUCA situation professionally.

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