In Indonesia, many companies choose to use the services of an outsourcing partner to advance their business. Let’s first identify the difference between BPO and ITO in the outsourcing world!

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provides a service to perform part of the company’s business processes without being part of the company itself. The outsourcing of several business processes and functions is needed so that the business can operate efficiently, because all internal resources can focus on doing the company’s core business.

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), namely service providers serving IT functions that are subcontracted. Long ago, companies must have had their own IT team, from the help desk, programmers, system analysts, and so on. However, now many companies are using ITO services. When an IT device in a company needs an update or component replacement, it is no longer the work of the in-house IT person, but has been outsourced to an ITO partner. Thus, the internal IT team can focus on more strategic matters for the progress of your business.

There are many advantages enjoyed by companies that have collaborated with BPO/ITO partners; for example, companies can improve their ability to provide more optimal products and services for customers.

If a business wants to implement an efficiency or cost-effective strategy, working with a professional BPO/ITO company is one way to achieve it. When a company uses a BPO/ITO partner, it can help with work efficiency and also labor so that the company can save costs in terms of infrastructure, labor, and business operations.

So, release your executives from having to dwell on routine things that are not related directly to your business’ growth, give them more time to focus on core business operations through the help of BPO/ITO partner. As the business grows, business processes will become more complicated and no longer effective if done in-house. Contact us for more information regarding this matter.

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