Imagining your brand as a person… what kind of branding strategy is suitable for your brand?

But, before we go any further, do you know about Archetype Branding? In digital marketing, this term is positioned as values adhering to your brand. Knowing the archetype means you give personality to your brand. 

There are 12 archetypes in branding. Go check below!

1. The Innocent
Simplicity, joy, and laughter are for the Innocent, like Coca Cola.

2. The Everyman
This archetype has a mission to bring comfort and trust to people. Example, McCain.

3. The Hero 
Hero thinks courage and self-belief can empower people, as Nike.

4. The Rebel
Have you imagined a brand that breaks rules and paradigm? Harley Davidson is one example.

5. The Explorer
The Body Shop and its innovation in changing journeys has acquainted us with a very bright discovery.

6. The Creator
Bringing creativity into real-life which inspires people, it is a Creator. Apple for the example.

7. The Ruler
They are confident enough in raising good and stable products, as Microsoft has done.

8. The Magician
Just as Disney, Magician types could provide us solutions over problems.

9. The Lover
An archetype of Victoria’s Secret is the Lover—spreading love and connecting people through emotion.

10. The Caregiver
Living to give compassion to others, Johnson & Johnson has this archetype.

11. The Jester
Jester is lightening things and life for people, for example Cadbury’s. 

12. The Sage
To find the truth and knowledge then present them are this archetype. You can see it on the Discovery Channel.

So, have you known your archetype well? Focusing on CX, DEOS Group knows well how to enhance your brand archetype strategy through our CX Technology and contact center programs. Just simply contact us to get more info!

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