As the work culture is shifting to reach an equilibrium between WFH and WFO, completed with the unique challenges of today’s business landscape, DEOS Group provides a payroll solution that’s both agile and resilient for your organization’s unique requirements. 

Since the year 1990, PayPrime has been serving clientele from a vast range of industries with trusted payroll processing services. No Wonder, the company now also forms a strategic alliance with ADP Streamline – the World’s largest payroll processing services company since 2011 and winning an ADP Award for Service Excellence. 

Quickly adaptable after the shift in working culture, technology and strategic IT team are the key behind PayPrime’s reliability in supporting clients to navigate the new business realm. PayPrime’s main service revolve around all the activities around payroll, such as: 
1. Integrated Payroll Services
2. Payment Services
3. Employee Self Service

And we have our Payroll Service Output: 
1. Payroll Report
2. BPJS Report
3. Tax Report

If you have additional requirement, we have our add on services:
1. Employee Social Security (BPJS Manpower & BPJS Healthcare)
2. Registration & Administration Services
3. Payroll Payment Service Cashiers
4. Submission to Statutory Services 

Having issues managing your organisation’s monthly payroll? Our Monthly Payroll Processing comes with a complete solution: 
– Salary Recap & Audit Trail 
– BT List & Payslip -BPJS & Tax Report 
– Preparing Statutory Year End (SPT 1721 A1) 

Reporting Services: 
– BPJS Manpower Reporting 
– Tax Reporting 

We spoke with Ayuningtyas from PayPrime, regarding how the new hybrid office can benefit from PayPrime’s services. “Our payroll service is not affected by the WFH or WFO working system; because our IT team is always ready to serve clients,” she said. The service works well for WFH companies, and moreover, “Superior in terms of speed up, can avoid dual entry; in case the hardcopy document is lost, everything is stored in the system. Work-flow is more effective; for example, to approve a claim, which usually takes two layers, the system can tell immediately if there is an error.

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