In HR daily tasks, we must meet with many tasks and notes, and a routine that obligates us to produce neat, fast, and maximum output.  Have you already read our post which gives info about HRIS vs spreadsheets? Some HR companies in the administrative process still use spreadsheets. To find out more about HRIS and spreadsheets, please open this.

As you’re reaching out for a solution, selecting the ‘right’ HRIS might bring more dizziness into your already hectic days. It’s commonly agreed that HRIS is a very useful system for HR, but why does it seem like bringing more homework for you right now?

DEOS understands that every organization has its own needs. It is rare to find two different organizations having the same problems and desires. Therefore, using the right HRIS for your organization is essential, because selecting ones that aren’t suitable for you is like buying the wrong size of running shoes instead, making you slower.

Confused on selecting the one for you? You must communicate well with professionals who understand it best and can help curate the best system for your organization.

DEOS Group has a unique view on the HRIS industry. “We aren’t software sellers,” Gunawan Rahadja, Director of Transform, member of DEOS Group, explained. “For every clientele, we get to know what the client’s needs, then design a personalize HRIS system for the organization’s unique need.” For example, Transform, one of DEOS’ HRIS solutions, is known for bringing sophisticated technology, mobility and other essential features to HR’s daily task.

DEOS Group understands that after installation, there might be changes. “If any adjustment needed, we can take care of it.” With DEOS as your reliable partner in HRIS, you can have more peace of mind, DEOS will provide the monthly report for you, as Gunawan concludes it well,“We provide HRIS as a service, not software.”

HRIS is essential if your company appreciates speed, convenience, and a neat database. It is specifically designed to convert your traditional system into an online one so every activity is done faster and recorded well. If you want to fast forward your organization into the dynamic future, HRIS is definitely for you.

So, are you ready to transform your Human Resources mundane tasks? Contact us for more info!

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