Do you know, we can solve our business problem with pictures? Yes, because the apt use of pictures can help make a message clearer – an essential reason to incorporate visual cues in your business communication. From Dan Roam’s international bestseller, Unfolding the Back of the Napkin, we can learn about it better.

An old adage says, it’s the smartest people who can deliver complex concepts in the most simplest ways, while the foolish do otherwise. The truth is, by drawing a simple picture, we gain the most powerful way to discover new ideas, develop & test it, and finally, share it with others!

Why is it important in our professional life? Because whoever is able to describe the problem well, is usually the one that most likely will solve it.

Are you preparing on such a project within your organization? Make sure you optimize these tools to make your presentation more visual!

Use sticky notes to organize thoughts, plan roadmaps, and see connections between ideas. It’s also a great method to build your teamwork as everyone can be involved

Flowcharts allow us to be explicitly clear about processes, while minimize the chance of mis-communication, or lost in translation

Don’t use the lame excuse of “I can’t’ draw!” because it takes only basic skill of lining and circling in doodling. It’s a great visual aid when learning about new concepts, or when trying to come up with new ones

No office is complete without a whiteboard, including yours. Now, instead of using it to write all the boring stuff, optimize it to explain your ideas by drawing live mind-map on your presentation session.

It’s not complicated to make your ideas and business communication simpler, right? Let’s give it a try!

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