Just like a personal New Year resolution that’s gone awry, sometimes a team or department’s ‘resolution’ can also go south. If you’re managing a team, how will you make sure your goals are achieved?

The key is to plan strategically. Be specific on the step-by-step elements, how your team is going to get there. Without this foundation in place, you’re likely to get caught up in a tornado of urgent activities that may not actually benefit your organization in the long term. Delegates each step to specific team members and makes sure they understand what are the actions and output expected from them.

During the year, be aware of the timeline and make sure you set up regular meetings, so each team member can share updates toward the resolution and evaluate if an adjustment is needed.

A quick tip before we end the article: Even though research stated that 9 out 10 organization’s resolution usually ended in failure, a department’s resolution can be more achievable when it’s in line with the whole organization’s vision and mission, as support will be pouring in from other teams in the organization. Good luck with 2021!