What a dynamic market we live in! With all the hustle and bustle happening this year, we might have no clue on what to do next. Keep calm, we discussed the simple steps with Mr. Rizky Rezari, President Director of ADVIKA, one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries: 

1. Research is a must
Identify specifically who’s your audience, what are their preferred channels of communication, and have their behaviors changed after COVID19? 

2. Learn from competitors
Watch and see – and look forward for potential collaboration 

3. Review buyer’s journey
Make sure you review regularly if your strategy is still relevant 

4. Integrate all your media
Make sure all your communication output speaks about one consistent narration. 

Last but not least, Mr. Rezari emphasizes the importance of measurement – all our digital activities must be measurable, “Because we can’t enhance what we can’t measure,” Mr. Rezari stated.

All those measurable impacts are those that will accelerate your business. “It is fascinating how marketing is a combination between art and science – the art is in content creation, while we use science to optimize the campaign.” In line with the spirit of combination, one must remember not to become too fanatic with one campaign method, as we can pick the best and suitable with our business, in accordance with our organic campaign. Still clueless? Contact us for more branding assistance!

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