The world is changing at rapid speed, is your organization’s mindset also responsive to the dynamics?

Nowadays, digitization is a pandemic on its own – after the COVID19 that has changed behavior in organizations, we’ve seen a sudden urge for digital learning within corporations across the nation. Speaking of digital learning, digima ASIA as one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries has been doing it since 2016. We spoke with Daniel V. Lie, President/Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA, member of DEOS Group, about the mindset that lies behind an organization’s digital learning.

When you’re preparing a digital learning program for your organization, avoid the misconception: “Let’s put our pensioners to lead our training program!”

“I’ve seen lots of corporations view their Learning & Development program as ‘second layer’ and not prioritize it well,” he stated. The most common practice is to put the corporates’ pensioners to teach in L&D programs. “What they taught is based on conditions in the past, not for today’s challenges,” Daniel added.

The stake is high, as such practice can result in difficulties in finding talented human resources to drive the company forward. Companies are forced to hire human resources that’s/that are already skilled – which is not an easy feat these days.

“Such a phenomenon has been ongoing in many Indonesian corporations for three years,” he said. “It is a result ‘of’ an L&D program that isn’t true to its calling.” The Learning & Development Program must be prioritized since it’s the gateway to drive your company forward. Make sure you plan it well – shall you need a reliable partner in talent development through your L&D by implementing Corporate University standards, digima ASIA can be your go-to partner!

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