MPHRO (Multi Process Human Resource Outsourcing) company has diverse service in HR business process services according to client’s Specific requirements. One of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries, KPSG, is an MPHRO company that has been serving major corporations across the country for 30 years.

The brand has been known among financial companies, as lots of their clients are in the banking and insurance industry. Yet, as KPSG’s service covers lots of essential business processes, they also have clientele in the remote region.

We spoke with Mrs. Sartini Ngasweni, Director Sales KPSG, about this experience. “KPSG has 5 main services, which are: Recruitment & Selection Services, Employee Administration and Registration Services, Payroll Processing Services, Time Management Services and Operational Support Management,” she explained. “For the latter one, we served clients of palm oil plantation and also the mining industry. We manage the workforce for the field workers in the plantation.” and for the cleaning services, on top of the workforce, we also provide the chemical and equipment, thus you can sit back and relax and let KPSG help you.

Unique to their business model, as they’re commonly located in rural areas, clients usually come with specific arrangement. “It’s mainly not on staff level, they have to be able to keep up with the challenges of working in plantation sites,” she added.

From urban to rural, with the diverse requirements of each industry, KPSG is always up to meet the challenge.

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