After the pandemic, the situation requires us to act and think more agilely. It includes the Human Resources’ roles, which are growing to become more strategic.

Yes, as new challenges are also on the rise, HR should be ready to respond well. What are those new challenges? We’ve discussed the matter with Aufa Putri Suryanto, Psychologist & Senior Recruitment Officer of KPSG.

During the talent acquisition process, your organization is not ready to go digital
It can be frustrating as your talent acquisition strategy requires HR to dig deeper into the talent pool, but your organisation is still lagging in all the supporting technology. “It’s better if you first ascertain what the needs and objectives are,” she stated. We have to admit, the digitization process does require a lot of resources in terms of time and money. “However, if you really need it quickly, you can look for a third party that provides digital recruitment process services while building competence within the organization.”

The need to recruit both remote employees and on-site employees
While in terms of recruitment process there has been no difference, certain positions or skills can determine the difference in treatment in the recruitment process. “For certain positions that are general in nature or do not have special skills, the process will be more general and shorter than the specific ones; the difference may be more in the offering time and the working arrangement,” she commented.

IT Talents on the rise
From KPSG’s perspective, who has been supporting clients with recruitment and/or selection process, there’s one specific position that’s quite popular today. “ The need for IT personnel is indeed increasing, especially during the pandemic which causes everything to shift to digital,” she said. “However, this also actually needs to be a client’s attention, because it means that competition is increasing.”

Human Resources, are you feeling clueless during your talent acquisition process? KPSG has been serving mostly the financial and insurance sectors across the nation with standardized psychological test service that has been digitized, so that there is less human error and flexibility in its implementation. Moreover, KPSG also provides reports that are also compiled based on experiences in serving various clients to date.

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