Currently, digitization has penetrated into various aspects of human life, including the workplace. Thus, mastery of digital technology, such as the internet is absolutely necessary so that users can take maximum benefit for their professional life. 

As Human Resources or the people who manage culture in an organization, we have to be aware that some people are only able to receive information without the ability to understand and process the information properly. As a result, they are vulnerable to exposure to hoax

So, to prevent being carried away in digital euphoria, you have to equip your team with great digital skills, digital ethics, digital culture, and digital safety. The ability to utilize and manage data is part of digital skills; today, it is not enough to only be able to operate various information and communication technology (ICT) devices in daily life. We must also be able to optimize their usage in order to achieve the maximum benefit for career. 

Therefore, digital literacy skills are needed so that people are not only able to operate tools, but are also able to use digital media with full responsibility. We also have to express ourselves well in a social space and be able to elaborate it into a productive activity. 

Care about your company culture? There are various ways that can be done to build a productive ethical culture, among them are: Integrity towards work, good time management, respect for all achievements, respect for the work of others, not easily giving up on failure, building hope, and determining the future. 

Also, make sure your people have digital ethics, which is the ability of individuals to realize, model, adapt, rationalize, consider, and develop digital ethical governance (netiquette) in everyday life. Supposedly, digital media should be used for an ethical intention, attitude, and behavior for the common good to improve the quality of humanity. 

Remember, educate the employees to respect each other in the digital space, both the colleagues and external parties.

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