Do you know which profession that stays alert during holiday, keeping an eye on our wellbeing when we’re asleep? Yes, security guard.

Working 24-hour to provide excellence security service, the profession of security guard shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why it’s important to always update your team with the latest training – especially since the pandemic that comes with its own impact on security tasks. “Remember, should anything happen, they will be the first to face and respond to it,” Mr. Herman Suradiraja, JN1’s Manager Consulting stated.

In order to maximize the overall performance of the private security guard, JN1 recognizes this importance and takes great pride in educating security professionals in Indonesia to be the reliable security troops for the country – just like the brand implies, as JN1 stands for Jaga Nusantara Satu.

Trained security officers have higher rates of productivity and effectiveness – they can be more attentive to details, more alert while on the job, and perform more effective communication. Most likely, a security guard will face stressful circumstances at work, so a proper training will not only increase the efficiency of the security guard’s performance, but it will also optimize the safety of the security guard.

JN1’s training center is known among the security industry for its facilities. “We build a training center with elevated standard, complemented with conveniences such as AC and hot water in every room and of course, the features that can optimize trainee’s skill, such as shooting range,” Mr. Herman said.

So, Human Resources department should also pay attention to the importance of training and developing the competence of their organisation’s security guard. Do you know, security guard with service excellence also contributes to your Customer Experience value?

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