We all look up to 2021 as our ‘redemption phase’ – we’d like to strive better, to pay back what 2020 has stolen from us.

If you’re in the HR department, perhaps there are some enhancements that you’d like to see within your business process. Why don’t partner up with an MPHRO partner to achieve effectiveness?

MPHRO, or Multi Process Human Resource Outsourcing, is a company that provides processes as a service, be it recruitment, employee administration, payroll, facility care to securing assets, to other daily operational aspects for its clientele.

We discussed with Mrs. Sartini Ngasweni, Director Sales KPSG, regarding their highlighted service for the year 2021. “We are going to highlight KPSG’s Employee Administration & Registration Service in the coming year,” she said. “The service will help clients to manage their internal employees; whilst all the employment status remains in their organisation, KPSG as the partner will administer things in accordance to clients’ request.”

From registering to BPJS, Insurance, PKWT preparation , up to leave request , the service covers a wide range of HR business processes, from the new hired employee up to maintaining the existing employee. “It’s a more effective option than hiring dedicated admin staff, and the HRs can minimize all the routine work in their internal department,” she concluded.

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