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KPSG Group provides comprehensive and integrated HR management solutions. With the solutions we provide, companies can attract more quality candidates, increase employee engagement, and develop employee capabilities.

Optimize Recruitment Process

We provide employee recruitment solutions with the best strategy to get the best talent according to the required position within your company.

Drive Motivation and Productivity

Our solutions not only improve employee performance and productivity, but also support you in maintaining the best Human Resources (HR) department in your company.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our system streamlines the handling and retention of employee information, allowing companies to conduct precise data analysis and make informed decisions. 

Comprehensive EX Solution in Employee Lifecycle

Employee Experience Solutions

KPSG Group offers top-notch methods for enhancing Employee Experience at your company, starting from efficient recruitment procedures, training & development, payroll management, HRIS implementation, to employee retention. 

Manpower Outsourcing Solutions

Talent Acquisition

Learning & Development

Administration & Retention

Application Learning as a Service (LaaS)

Digital Psychological Testing

Employee Experience Products

Online Psychological Test Application
HRIS Application
Training Digital Application


ARSI Smartbot dari KPSG

ARSI Smartbot by KPSG: The Ever-Evolving Chatbot Tailored to Meet Your Business Challenges

Building a high-quality customer experience stands as a significant challenge in this era of digitally transformed industry. Every company competes to offer the best customer service, striving for business continuity.
Pemanfaatan Data Analytic untuk Efisiensi BPaaS

Leveraging Data Analytics for BPaaS Efficiency

In the continuously evolving digital era, data has become a valuable asset for companies. How can this data benefit your company, especially if you are already using BPaaS services?

MPHRO 101: The Overview and Its Advantages for Your Company

In this article, we will explore the fundamental aspects of MPHRO and the benefits companies can accrue by adopting this approach.

Retain the best resources of your organization.
Give them the best experience.


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