As a productive member of our society, work in the aim of earning a living and be self-actualized. But do you realize that sometimes, in order to get more, you have to take several steps back?

Yes, the stress of having to accomplish here and there can drown us. Yet the culture has made us feel guilty if we take a break – perhaps by labeling such behavior as lazy. The truth is, even the invention of the wheel or bike, comes from the ‘laziness’ of walking and carrying things, right?

So, let’s get inspired by the sloth – a very slow animal that’s been the subject of a recent trending sloth philosophy. Sloth is not actually lazy – they conserve energy so it can be used efficiently. So let’s build a certain type of laziness within our mindset – nope, not the type of laziness that let us procrastinate on important things, but the one that allows us to contemplate on life and solve our problems in a measured manner.

Our business world today is filled with ‘urgent’ notifications, all are screaming about things that we must complete ASAP. This constant pressure and demand won’t do any good for our productivity – check out the tips on managing notifications in our previous Linkedin post.

So, let’s take a calm and mindful moment everyday at work, to help us be more strategic in our work, instead of just being an automatic robot doing tasks. By the application of sloth philosophy, we can gain these wisdoms when we feel directionless at work.

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