Cooperative management, let’s be more careful in managing it so that the welfare of the members is more effective. By utilizing technology, cooperatives are not an obsolete system from the past, but are increasingly relevant for the economic resilience of the community. The Simbiosis app is here to support your cooperative!

Yes, cooperatives should be able to become non-bank financial institutions that are more trustworthy and accountable to the public. This can be realized if we utilize information technology such as optimizing the use of Simbiosis as a financial system for cooperatives.

Currently, there are two most common cooperative models in Indonesia, namely conventional and sharia-based. In the midst of this situation, Simbiosis is here to build an online network of national cooperatives, where cooperatives are integrated with each other.

A number of steps have been taken symbiotically to realize this vision:

– Simbiosis has a front office service that allows users to carry out operational activities in cooperatives while still carrying out conventional tasks. In short, users can still be present at the cooperative to deposit or pay arrears which will later be served by the system at the cooperative office.

– The second is the back office system. One of these systems includes accounting services, namely how to record existing and upgraded cooperative finances in Simbiosis. So, some cooperative activities with their accounting processes have been automated through Simbiosis, so there is no need to do manual journaling.

– Third, in terms of preparing financial statements, balance reports, profit and loss reports, mutations in savings, calculation of remaining operating results (SHU). The Simbiosis application already supports SHU calculations so that the calculation process does not take up too many resources.

In addition, Simbiosis also supports mobile apps, where cooperative members also have the opportunity to have several privileges through the cooperative version of the mobile apps feature, namely the Simbiosis application. For example, when they want to check deposit balances or make certain submissions. Through this mobile app feature, Simbiosis has several advantages over other similar applications. First, users can make payment transactions (buy credit, pay for electricity/telephone) through Simbiosis. So they don’t have to come to the convenience store. Second, users can also transfer funds. For example, when a user wants to transfer their deposit balance to a bank account, the user will be able to do this.

Simbiosis is a one-stop solution platform for digitizing various cooperatives such as savings and loans, employees, sharia, and others. Contact us immediately if you are ready to transform your cooperative with Simbiosis!

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