Sophisticated technology in this age of Industrial Revolution 4.0 sometimes entices us – how can we assess if such technology is essential for our organization?

Selecting the right CX technologies for your organizations is indeed one of the important parts of CX strategy. “We’ve seen lots of alternative technologies for CX nowadays and DEOS Group specifically monitors all the latest progress,” Mrs. Vincensia Susiyanti, the Director of Ontrace said. However, speaking of the applications, clients usually pay attention to these several factors:

– Regulations regarding data security
This is a very vital factor, especially when you’re in an industry that’s based on trust such as banking or insurance – clients’ data security is definitely top priority. 

– Technical Protocol
For example, when you’re building an omnichannel outside the ones that are already available, deep questioning regarding the protocols can take up to 6 months – 1 year. This is important to make sure the technology really gives value to clients’ operation. 

– Investment
Make sure that the invested resource for adopting this technology is head to head with the benefit. 

Planning & research is a staple in preparing the chosen CX technology for your organization; DEOS Group understands as they’re regularly updating clienteles with new CX technologies available. One thing for sure, Mrs. Vincensia Susiyanti recommends not to choose a tech product just because a competitor has already used it – because concerns and challenges in each organization are different. 

Lots of people out there perceive that there’s a battle between Artificial Intelligence and CX professionals – such perception can trap you into dualism way of thinking, which is a loss in the midst of the collaboration era. Both can go hand-in-hand instead of replacing one another.

Mrs. Vincensia Susiyanti stated, “I believe that artificial intelligence, automation, or systems won’t replace the timeless value of human touch anytime soon; digitation won’t 100% replace humans.” So, the best way is to keep up with the technology development, but at an operational level, adjust it to be in line with your requirements.

At DEOS Group, a team of experts carefully curate technology advancement to make sure that clients are only exposed to the ones that will develop their service well, without too much unnecessary hassle. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about it!