In 2021, we are all striving to get back to our feet after the rocky 2020. What a great moment to rethink our corporate brand!

By still taking attention to the sensitivity of the situation, rebranding can be done in order to help build positive associations in your customer’s mind about your brand. One of the most popular approaches nowadays is through employee branding.

Strong employee branding will boost your company to be seen as a great place for the workforce to grow. Not just establishing a great corporate brand that’s relevant to the industry post-COVID19, your employee branding strategy will also impact the human resources department. It is commonly understood that the positive result of employee branding is attracting and retaining the best talents.

As integration is the key to survival in today’s industry, don’t forget to connect between your branding initiatives with the HR management. Yes, too often, the engaged talents from employee branding strategies faced with disconnection between what they perceive to what they experience as they enter the company for real.

What should companies do instead? First, create a talent framework that lays out the key qualities, behaviors, and motivations that your higher management want to see in their workforce. Next, validate the talent framework with engaged talents, especially for customer-facing employees such as those in contact centers. Finally, don’t forget to incentivize the right behaviors, to establish and ensure its sustainability. Remember, it takes a good integration between divisions, so make sure since the beginning of the initiatives, everyone is already on the same page.

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