A good leader is never stagnant, but always ready to defy the status quo. The principle applies more when the business situation can shift rapidly in the digital. How do we adapt to stay relevant?

Elaborate your leadership with automation/artificial intelligence
Becomes the handy, tech-savvy leaders whose presence brings effectiveness to the team. Always check on ways to automate a repeated task, so you can direct your team’s resources to a more strategic aspect to develop your business forward.

Focus on Human Resources development
Becoming a tech-savvy project leader, does not mean you then turn your back on the humans within your organization. Upskilling and reskilling are both important, and not becoming less important in the digital age. Plant the seed of knowledge sharing and learning culture in your team, so you can see them grow well.

Master the hybrid project management method
Most likely, your team today is working 100% WFH or remotely, or even 50:50 between WFH and WFO. Having a distributed team comes with its own challenges. There are lots of methods that you can apply well to hybrid teams – from Agile, Scrum, to Sprint. Always stay up to date with these methods so you can apply that to your team.

Preparing your organization for the uncertain future is not an easy venture, but with the right method and the team well-prepared, nothing is impossible.

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