With an almost perfect CV and a long list of outstanding portfolio, the candidate seems like a perfect addition your team really needs to drive your organization forward.

Yet the person takes your organisation like a storm – giving everyone the attitude since day one, almost drive your senior star talent into resignation, create chaotic ambience in the office and then one day, even before the probation phase reached the first month, the person just stop coming to the office and become uncontactable. Yes, it’s another tale of workplace ghosting and it really is a pain for HRs.

Such unwanted incidents are a real phenomenon in the Human Resource world. The most important thing for you to understand is how to prevent it in the first place. Let’s get back to your talent acquisition process.

A Good Psychological Testing During Talent Acquisition

You’ve screened the CVs, interviewed the person, and discussed it with their direct user – all came back with shiny, glorious feedback. Yet, let’s not skip the psychological testing, shall we? Because, a good psychological test can measure different characteristics of a person: cognitive abilities, aptitudes, personality, motivation, etc. It helps to see if they’re not a good fit, before it’s too late. New hires who decided to quit after only several days in your organisation because they realized they didn’t match their new jobs? It will be a pastime tale in your organisation!

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Talent pool is smaller than you think, and rumour spreads like wildfire. Traditionally, it is believed that organisations or corporations are actually the ones who started this “workplace ghosting” culture by not being courteous enough to inform the candidates regarding their status. Some companies feel it’s okay to just cut communication with candidates who didn’t make it in the recruitment funnel. Do you realise, if candidates have been ghosted multiple times, they may see no harm in doing the same to prospective employers? But if those job seekers have had positive experiences with multiple HR and talent acquisitions teams, they may show other companies the same courtesy.

Good luck with your talent acquisition process, and may the ghosting never happen in your organization!

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