The variant is here, and it seems like our work life is now filled with the demand to be able to shift between WFO and WFH dynamically. Is your organization ready?

Human Resources’ Standard Operating Procedure
No less important is to make sure all the employees are still tended well, from wherever they work from. From attendance report to payroll, make sure it’s all managed well.

Engaging Daily Stand-Ups
Living in a pandemic-stricken world is already a stressor on its own, that’s not foreseen by the previous generation. These two weeks, make sure you engage all talents in an online daily stand-ups session that’s brief and fun; more than just sharing updates, but also filled with mini-games to make everyone refreshed.

Encourage Vaccination Among the Team
No less important than keeping your office infrastructure and remote workflow safe, it is also essential to make sure all your team members are protected from the virus. If your office hasn’t got the Vaksin Gotong Royong, you can help the team to search for vaccinations independently by sharing information on vaccination centers regularly.

As a human resource team or office manager, we have to be mature in planning and flexible in execution, in line with the dynamic age we live in. Let’s be creative in preparing our organization to be more resilient in the pandemic. When everything also feels overwhelming even for you, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the solution.