Have you ever watched a movie about robbery in a bank, and then the teller discreetly pushes a hidden red button to ask for help? Are you curious if the same things are there for real in the business world?

We conversed with Mrs. Deny Soviani, President Director of JN1 and Mr. Herman Suradiraja, JN1’s Manager Consulting. If you haven’t heard of it yet, JN1 is one of our subsidiaries, that focuses on the security services. “We provide our clienteles, which covers diverse industries, with IT-based security risk management,” he explained. JN1 serves as their consultant with their signature security device and tools, in accordance of Indonesian Police Department standards.

Asked about the panic button, Mr. Hendra confirmed that it’s really there for real! JN1 provides panic button features as part of their service packages. “To make it simple, Panic Button is a communication group for certain users, that’s utilized when the unexpected happens, such as natural disaster (earthquake, flooding, etc) or man-made disaster (robbery, terrorist attack, etc).

Panic Button systems are designed in a way to help make quick awareness of the situation to be responded to. It’s an essential part of DRM (Disaster Risk Management), So make sure your organization is ready to face the unexpected!

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