Learning agility becomes the hot quality that’s sought after by Human Resources everywhere during their talent acquisition process. Why is it so important nowadays?

Workplace and its culture becomes more fluid after the pandemic – which is okay for those who are ready to adapt, but can be a nightmare with talents working with the mindset that they only want to master one skill and not develop themselves. For example, a marketing staff can be more competitive in today’s marketing pitch by mastering the platforms for online pitching. Or, an HR should not hesitate to master all the video producing techniques for a virtual training program.

When hiring, it’s important to eye for candidates that have the potential of learning agility within them. What are the characteristics of talents with quality of learning agility within them? Check out the list below:

– Can learn from experiences
– Can apply newly-trained knowledge to the present challenging situations at work
– Also able to unlearn unproductive habits and think outside of the box
– Not intimidated by unfamiliar situations, can adapt and learn quickly
– Actively ask questions and welcome feedback sincerely
– Good at discovering patterns in an unfamiliar situation
– Seek out new challenges

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