To provide the best solution for business people in Indonesia who require a quality contact center, OnTrace and Egeroo collaborate to present an AI Chatbot in the contact center.

Yes, OnTrace adopts Egeroo’s AI robot features and then changes and adapts it to the needs of chat agents. Furthermore, bot training will be carried out using the on-the-fly training model method. This model is able to provide a higher user experience and ensure that virtual agents are trained quickly with this learning model.

In the on-the-fly training model, when a live chat agent is answering customer problems, the AI ​​robot will ‘learn’ from them. This is the advantage of the collaboration between OnTrace and Egeroo. The purpose of this approach is to minimize the mistakes made by the robot through our AI engine product called RooC (RooChat).

RooC also has several advantages:
– True hybrid operation
Together with live chat agents, AI robots will learn directly from the experts.
– Simple and fast bot training
The on-the-fly mechanics make training bots quick and simple.
– Higher accuracy
The AI ​​engine owned by Egeroo is not as good as the engine currently on the market. Egeroo developed a sentence-understanding engine. Thus, the robot will be continuously taught thoroughly about that one concept.
– Mixed language support
Customers who use languages ​​other than Indonesian are still able to get proper chatbot services.
– Data privacy
Bots will only learn business-related information within the company.

Compared to other chatbots, after six months of training, RooC has 10 times faster performance and automation.

Trust the management of your contact center with us; Egeroo itself has been established since 2018 and has been trusted to provide AI chat automation solutions for several clients, such as: BCA, Sequis Life, BPJS Health, Aqua Home Service, Danone, Prodia Clinical Laboratory, Mandiri Utama Finance, and others.