No matter what era or business that your organization is in, team building remains a staple requirement to boost your human resources performance forward. In the age of hybrid working culture, how can we manage team building well, even if your team has never met face to face with one another?

Worry not, there are lots of options for you to do team building activities online! Here are some of them:

Playing Virtual Games
The glory days of Among Us may be over, but you can engage your team to solve hypothetical problems together as preparation for them in the real case through the many available platforms of virtual escape room, scavenger hunt to murder mysteries.

Regular Meetups
Agreed on a set time for virtual meetup to catch up on one another. Ask each member to participate, whether to do a roasted 5-minute sharing on whatever topics they love, or doing sports/dance together.

Lunch Buddies
When your team has a new member, there’s a unique challenge in the onboarding process – the new member may still feel distant even after the introduction. To help build the chemistry, you can create a lunch buddies program, in which one team member can have an offline lunch together with the new member (in accordance to COVID19 protocol) and build chemistry.

The Summarizing Point

It is believed that in the age of the hybrid working system, there is no such thing as overcommunication. Remember to always be transparent and communicate well with your team members, to make sure, even though you’re working remotely, you can still be solid and harmonious.

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