Chatbot technology has actually been around for a long time and is used by many companies, because it is expected to improve customer experience. However, in terms of implementation, there are still many AI robots in the chatbot who still misunderstand when providing answers to problems experienced by customers.

This is because most of the robots are taught using the keyword model. If the keyword is wrong, the answer will be ‘misleading’. Then, in terms of operations, training bots is quite challenging. Upon this issue, the company must add another AI robot to help the previous AI ​​robot to learn. Moreover, an AI ​​robot is trained manually so it indeed takes longer to work and answer smoothly like a human. When starting to face difficulties like this, usually the manager immediately chooses to switch to a live chat agent only.

Improving the implementation of the chatbot feature is very important. One of the keys, AI robots and live chat agents must collaborate well. So, avoid thinking that AI robots are being introduced into your contact center with the aim of replacing live agent staff. Robots are there to help live chat agents to handle customer problems. Currently, many companies are not serious about implementing AI robots into their contact center services. They’re only testing the water, by dipping only a tip of the toe into the pool and immediately pulling it back upon the slightest temperature change.

Today, this AI has been very much used because of its presence, things have become faster and more powerful. For companies that are capable of implementing digital technology, especially AI, it is certain that they are definitely superior. Because, they can already see that the presence of the robot is needed to help live chat agents. The accuracy of the answers given by the robot becomes a benchmark for companies whether the scope of the contact center is adequate or not. In fact, in the future, this trend is predicted to continue not only in the chat area, but also in voice.

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