How do you value a housekeeping support for your organization nowadays?

Housekeeping services that’s brought to you by DKI present clients with specialists in their fields, who understand how to treat marbles, floorings, wallpaper, etc. In DKI, the staff understand that each material requires different treatment in order to stay as polished as new and have a long life. These teams of specialists are usually divided into 2 teams: Internal and external of the building.

When it comes to building maintenance, sometimes an organization may hesitate to post a dedicated budget. Is building maintenance service costly? “The truth is, unmaintained buildings will be more costly in terms of electric usage & you’ll face a whooping cost for fixing broken parts here and there,” Mrs. Deffi said.

Therefore, if you want to keep your asset, an office or business place, for its optimal age, pay attention to the building maintenance. Because, when the maintenance is not running well, both your employees and guests will see that the management put attention to the building’s value. Pay attention to whether the maintenance is carried out professionally and well, or just being treated normally. The point is, if the building management is good, your brand will be considered good by people.

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