Cooperatives is the form of micro finance that’s uniquely Indonesia, and can still be found from the rural neighbourhood, educational institutions to the corporate worlds.

Yes, it’s not uncommon for companies to unite its employees or laborers in one cooperative, to help them become more financially-literate and grow together. Traditionally, a cooperative committee collected funds from the people and rotated it in the form of a shop that covers their daily needs. At the end of each cycle, the generated revenues are divided.

In the past, all these transactions were recorded manually in a book, and the shop usually covers only offline transactions. Some cooperatives are already moving their notes to excel docs, with its ups and downs. How about yours?

Committed to supporting cooperatives, Pacifica presents micro core banking apps that can be easily adopted to enable your cooperatives to give service excellence, just like other proper banking organizations.

How? The micro core banking app works on each member’s mobile phones, and it works as a tool to help them do daily transactions, from paying regular bills (PPOB), to online shopping. Yes, now all the stuff sold at cooperatives’ shops can be bought online. What if your cooperative decided to halt its shop activities for a while? No worries, because the online shop feature can be turned on and off conveniently according to your requirements.

So, are you ready to elevate your cooperatives to the age of 4.0.? Now it’s the time to adapt and provide the best customer experience for your members, with Pacifica!

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