Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. How to avoid this from happening in your team?

Though it sounds simple, task management is really the key into tackling procrastination issues within your organization. When you, as the team leader, can come with a sturdy structure of deadlines and tasks delegation, your human resources tend to be more focused.
Let’s check out these task management tips:

– Make sure your task delegation has a healthy balance; one of which is through a realistic delegation and deadline.
– Steer away from multitasking. Yes, we understand that multitasking is inevitable, but bear in mind that multiple tasks really does not help with your team’ tendency toward procrastination.
– Try assigning one task after another. This way, the employee will focus only on one thing and won’t struggle with time management.
– Slightly micromanaging is okay. Yes, contrary to the popular belief, a leader that gets personally included in tasks can bring up a sense of urgency to your team; therefore, it will motivate them to stop procrastinating.
– Give rewards for every milestone. Celebrate even the slightest achievement against procrastination so that your team will memorize it positively in their mind.

As you guide your team into increased productivity, they will realize that stopping procrastinating gives them greater work satisfaction, and reduced stress levels.

If you’re aiming for a more productive 2022, you should collaborate more with your team. When the routine administrative task in your department is already too much, you should consider sorting things out together with BPO/ITO service and contact center solution providers like DEOS Group.

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