Again, this year we Indonesian have to commemorate Independence Day, still pandemic-stricken. As a professional human resources at work, how do we reflect upon this situation?

The 76th Indonesian Independence Day celebration carries forward the theme ‘Indonesia is tough, Indonesia is growing.’ The theme describes the values of toughness, the spirit of unyielding to move forward together in a challenging path, in order to achieve a better future.

Through this year’s celebration, we can see the government priority toward
economic growth and acceleration, one of which is by the many infrastructure projects that are being launched by the government to support the acceleration of the Indonesian economy.

As part of the economic landscape in the country, DEOS Group is grateful that the country provides democratic space for the people to contribute to the development of Indonesia. Let’s go for the continuous growth that we can achieve through unity.

In our daily operations, we observe carefully our position as Indonesia’s BPO/ITO provider that carries its business to support the growth of the country’s professional organizations. Moreover, we also carry this excellent service to the neighboring country of the Philippines.

Through our support in the business process, which enables the organizations to focus more on their business’ strategic aspect and grow, we define it as our contribution to develop the nation. Our commitment is to become the BPO/ITO service providers that supports the progression of the economy in the country.