In today’s competitive business landscape, efficient and high-quality customer service is paramount. Companies must maintain strong relationships with their customers to remain competitive in an increasingly busy market. One way to achieve this is through managing customer service via a responsive and efficient business contact center.

Amid the dynamics of this digital era, ARSI emerges as an Intelligent Customer Experience Platform playing a pivotal role in realizing a modern customer experience for your business. ARSI is part of the solutions offered by KPSG Group, a well-recognized BPO partner among Indonesian corporations.

When it comes to contact center management, companies generally face two primary choices: either availing the services of an outsourced contact center (BPO) or setting up an internal (in-house) contact center. Both have their pros and cons.

BPO contact centers typically offer cost efficiency, great scalability, and access to experienced customer service professionals. However, they may be less acquainted with your company’s products or services and generally pose challenges in integrating with existing business resources.

On the other hand, in-house contact centers allow for greater control over customer service, with superior quality and heightened personalization. They can easily integrate with existing resources and systems, ensuring a seamless and collaborative flow of information among various departments.

But what if there was a solution combining the benefits of both these models?

Enter ARSI, an intelligent customer experience platform capable of marrying the advantages of both BPO and in-house contact centers through its array of capabilities, such as:

-Managing inbound & outbound communication

Experience ease in handling all calls, be it incoming or outgoing, voice or video, with our SIP PBX and WebRTC technology. Benefit from user-friendly routing options, intuitive IVR, Power Dialer, and more.

-Omnichannel – Connecting Various Digital Channels

Offer an adaptive digital experience tailored to your customers’ preferences with the flexibility you need. ARSI can handle multiple channels like Social Media, SMS, WebChat, Email, and Messenger.

-Agent Management

Effective and timely customer call handling is the essence of an exceptional contact center. Our agent management feature ensures every customer interaction is addressed by a skilled agent.

-Harnessing AI Technology

Enhance your customer handling capacity with our AI smartbot, which supports a hybrid operation model blending agents with AI technology.

-Sales Activity Management

Streamline your sales processes and elevate productivity through capabilities like: Sales Activity Tracking and Analytics, Prospective Client Management and Assessment, Task Automation, Real-time Communication and Collaboration with WebRTC, Integration with ERP/CRM, and more.

For those of you planning a hybrid solution of BPO and in-house for your company’s contact center, ARSI is the perfect choice. ARSI innovatively combines the strengths of both BPO and in-house contact centers. With ARSI, you can still relish the merits of in-house contact center governance, such as service personalization, contact center integration with organizational resources, and more.

One of the key benefits of ARSI is service personalization. In an in-house contact center, agents are more familiar with the company’s products or services and their customers. Thus, they can provide solutions more aligned with customer needs. With ARSI, we amalgamate a deep understanding of the company’s products or services with customer analysis, resulting in robust interactions reminiscent of a BPO contact center.

Integration of the contact center with organizational resources is another significant advantage of ARSI. With cutting-edge technology, ARSI seamlessly integrates the contact center with existing systems and data in the company. This enables the support team to easily access customer information, purchase histories, and other crucial notes, delivering faster and more relevant service.

Additionally, ARSI provides insights from incoming customer data. Through data analysis and monitoring customer interactions, ARSI can identify trends, preferences, and common issues faced by customers. This assists companies in making informed decisions to enhance customer service and elevate the customer experience.

With ARSI, companies can optimize their customer service by blending the benefits of both BPO and in-house contact centers.

Want to learn more about ARSI and how it can boost your company’s customer service? Contact KPSG now!