#BanggaBuatanIndonesia, a national movement launched by several ministries of Indonesia, is an awakening post-COVID19 that we, as a nation, have all the strength & potentials within us to strive above the calamities.

Look at us, a generation of Indonesian that walks the homeland today. Despite the dooms and glooms, we’ve survived. Being hit by horizontal conflicts, economic crises, and fierce global competitions, yet we stand united. Our creativity & working spirit are still alighting, which enliven our economy. The potentials within each human resource in their respective field is the thing that keeps us alive amidst the global pandemic.  

As Indonesian, we’ve seen many local brands and corporations that manage to penetrate the fierce international competition. It proves that Indonesia has many potential local companies that can compete in the international world. One of the assets of a company, of course, is its human resources. Therefore, the nation’s children, as human resources, have a very important role in the development of national companies going global.

Yes, human resources contribute to the nation’s productivity and DEOS Group, as a proudly-Indonesian HR company, believes in the value of HR in fast-forwarding the nation’s development. Through education and training, investments in human resources will yield its result not just to one’s organization, but to the country. Because they are truly an asset to Indonesia.

As Indonesia steps into its 75th Independence Day, DEOS Group now has become one of the local companies that manage to show its existence in the global market (the company is recognized globally through KPSG International brand).  In the nation, DEOS’s good corporate governance is acknowledged by Bank Negara Indonesia, one of the biggest government-owned banks in the country, as one of the Best Achievement Agency for Payment Account Activities. DEOS Group has successfully maintained this award since 2015.

The company also shows their compassion to the nation, manifested through CSR programs such as aids for malnutrition in Kupang, Measles-Rubella Immunization, Donation for the Earthquake in Palu & Central Java, to  Health Care, Clean Water Supply in many places across the country. DEOS Group also supports UNICEF in conducting Telefundraising activities since 2010, an act that has been recognized by Gold Medal Appreciation for The Best Telefundraiser at World’s Children Day 2018 from UNICEF.

All are done in the hopeful spirit that this shall inspire other local companies; to be more confident in the competition. Indonesian companies have what it takes to grow & survive. We wish that more companies will shine both in the nation and abroad. Proud to be local, ready to go-global! #BanggaBuatanIndonesia!