Design Thinking can be adopted to exercise the best Customer Experience for your organization. Have you deep dive into it, to prepare your organisation to join in the 2021 challenges?

Design Thinking method helps us to empathize with users, therefore we can develop our product or service to stay relevant with customers. One of the interesting case studies of Design Thinking at work comes from Denmark health services, in which they faced a decrease in clients’ visits. They then evaluated their system and took Design Thinking’s human-centric approach. The result? They found out that all this time, they viewed the doctors’ time as more important than the clients’, while what the clients want is the contrary.

This shift in perspective leads them to create an enhanced customer experience in which the patient’s journey is optimized, which results in a positive impact for the organization.

Here, leaders of the organisation play an important role to help give birth to new ideas, all the while maintaining an overall sense of direction & purpose. Some of the things to be understood together before your team start a Design Thinking session:

Get all the team’s commitment to go beyond easy answers & find options that might be truly innovative
Make sure that your team is comfortable to open up, and don’t forget to be supportive to their expressions

As a leader, even as you’ve assigned the research & experimentation task to a team, you shall not step back – keep a watchful eye on them and be vigilant in recognizing the moment when you need to engage with the team.

Yes, Design Thinking is challenging because it involves something more fundamental than just managing change – through it, you can discover what kind of change is needed for your organisation.

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