Along with the development of technology and the landscape of the business world, banking activities are also affected and transformed. What are the latest developments we’ve seen these days? Check this out!

– Digital Bank
Digital banking is banking activities that are entirely carried out digitally or via the internet. Starting from the initial opening of a savings account to closing it can be done online without having to go to the bank office. Referring to the OJK (Financial Services Authority) regulation number 12/PJOK.03/2021, it is explained that digital banking is an electronic banking service aimed at maximizing the utilization of customer data as an effort to provide services that are faster, easier, as needed and can be done. customers independently while still paying attention to the element of security. Some characteristics of digital banks are marked by the existence of internet banking, mobile banking, and SMS banking services.

– Hybrid Bank
Hybrid Bank is a bank service to customers through physical and digital. This method is usually used by conventional banking industry players to reach a new generation that is already highly digitized, but while still embracing old customers who are not used to full digital banking. Even though people are now familiar with gadgets, it is undeniable that the coverage is not yet 100% digital literate.

– Microbank
Micro banking is a banking business unit that was formed with the hope of being able to accommodate the banking service needs of small and micro-scale entrepreneurs engaged in productive sectors in all types of businesses. The scope of work of the micro banking business unit also includes small scale and rural banking. Micro bank was deliberately formed so that small and micro entrepreneurs can also have access to banking, so that it is expected to also grow and expand their business volume. Overall, micro banking itself cannot be separated from the understanding of the bank itself, namely as a financial institution that collects public funds and distributes them to the public.

One of the initiatives in Indonesian society that can be categorized as a form of micro-banking is cooperatives. To further develop cooperatives in Indonesia and remain competitive in the era of digitalization, the Symbiosis app is here to answer every challenge of managing cooperatives.

There are two types of benefits in terms of users of this application, namely resources and IT support. The resource here means Simbiosis is cloud ready. The cooperatives no longer need to prepare the infrastructure to carry out this activity. Usually, if a company/organization wants to have an application it needs a series of systems such as servers, etc. The Symbiosis application is all complete and ready for everything.

Next, IT support. Cooperatives that want to present applications must prepare professional IT personnel. Symbiosis application all these activities will be handled. Another benefit is that Symbiosis is free. This means that we do not charge a fee in terms of the application.

So, are you ready to develop your cooperative with Simbiosis?

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