Payroll is wider than calculating and paying salaries. If you’re acting as the person in charge of payroll within your organization, here’s your checklist! 

Payroll system is a payroll administration system for employees within the company. There are many aspects that should be observed in payroll, especially regarding regulations and new knowledge in taxation, and employment regulation. These days, after Covid19 hit the world, many new regulations have emerged and demand payroll people to adjust with the dynamics. Some of the elements to be observed during Covid19 days in Indonesia are: Tax incentives, omnibus law, new programs from the BPJS Employment, etc. 

PayPrime, as part of DEOS Group, really understands that it can be confusing for the internal staff; especially, if you’re a multi-national company that just enters the Indonesian market. Worry not, PayPrime is happy to support you with the correct understanding of local payroll.  
“My principle at work includes honesty, for both clients and colleagues, to build trust, and to be responsive in dealing with questions from clients,” Fenny Rosalina, Associate Payroll Manager PT Payrol Prima Indonesia (PayPrime) shared. 

The existence of payroll assistance from service providers, can facilitate the performance of the HRD team in your organization, because they do not have to drain their resources to take care of these administrative matters.
Aimed to be comprehensive and thorough, PayPrime assists clients to prevent confusion in managing their payroll. Be it for the Human Resources team of a company or other position responsible for payroll, you can discuss all the concerns with PayPrime. 

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