The digital aspect in offices is quite intense nowadays – we’ve seen lots of manual tasks automated by the system and lots of business processes made possible through digital collaboration platforms. As the Human Resources team, are you keeping up with all the development?

To think about technology at work isn’t just the IT team’s work. HR should also understand all the benefits they can get from utilizing the right technology during their business days – for example, how to automate the leave permissions to health claims from the talents, or to do talent acquisition more effectively. Digital recruitment is one of the approaches that’s required to be mastered by Human Resources these days.

KPSG, as one of DEOS group’s subsidiaries, has been doing it for clientes from across industries in the country. One of their most popular study cases in the field of digital recruitment is the online testing service they have. KPSG’s online testing has assisted corporations in gaining the talents they really need. Online testing instead of manual testing, shows that you as the HR is already adjusted to the latest development in the business world, and it enables your hiring process to be more flexible and reach more candidates. “Online testing is supported by a centralized database, so it can be easier to manage between employees in the office and those at home. It also minimizes scattered data,” Aufa Putri Suryanto Psychologist & Senior Recruitment Officer of KPSG, shared.

“In the context of online testing, the scoring process and making reports on test results are not fully manual anymore, but have been assisted by the system. This also minimizes human error, especially if many candidates are tested” she added. “The recruitment and selection process can be focused on finding candidate profiles that match the needs, no longer focusing on the administration of psychological tests.” So, are you ready to be more digital-savvy in the HR department?

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