Let’s start taking care of ourselves! As we celebrate the National Sports Day this week, we gained insights from Daniel V.Lie, CEO of digima ASIA – one of our subsidiaries. Even though he’s busy with all the responsibilities as a leader, he both managed and make time to stay fit through many workout routines, from cycling, running and gym. Check out his secrets here!

Avoid sedentary lifestyle
“Stay working out, perceive tomorrow as a chance to stay fit, workout and don’t procrastinate,” he said. “Whatever your activity, keep moving and don’t be sedentary.”

Make COVID-19 as motivation
“This COVID-19 reminds us that health is the most important and first thing, only ourselves can save us. Also, pay attention to what you should eat, to increase your immunity. Elevate the dopamine hormone from the healthy food, not the delicious food.”

Utilize time
“Always take advantage of time so that your body can be strong, healthy and can still be a good and appropriate place for the soul and mind that can manage all the emotions that God has given us. Don’t let yourself be colonized by bad habits and aimless routines.”

Maintain consistency
“God has given us health, fresh air, and the sun is never too late to shine upon us to give us a good immune system. Come on, let’s be responsible for the life that has been given to you. You don’t have to be extreme, just be consistent.”

Bottom line, physical exercise is very important for us professionals. Let’s be preventive not reactive, so that we are responsible for the life that has been given to each of us. Maintaining exercise routine is not a waste of time, instead it can help you to achieve more as a professional human resources at work.

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