We’re always facing an online pitching opportunity just like a combat soldier going into the battlefield – thus come the nervousness. Does online pitching can’t be fun and productive at the same time? Yes it can, if we enter it with the correct mentality – the mentality of a learner, who’s not intimidated by the risk of bad results, always ready to absorb new customer experiences and clients experiences and has a sincere attempt to give solutions to the potential clients.

We discussed the matter with Daniel V. Lie, Global Chief Executive of digima ASIA, one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries. “Online pitching is not easy and not all business people can do it well,” he admits. Yet, as a person who always looks toward giving the best customer experience, it should be viewed as an opportunity to provide a solution. “Don’t be there as a product seller; get into your customer’s mind and provide an answer for their issues,” he emphasized.

Always, both for online and offline pitching, make time to contemplate and learn about your potential clients’ identity and their issues. How can you present yourself as the person who can tackle all those things? We all have our own anxiety, doing business in the age of pandemic – what makes a difference is when someone can stand out as a solution bearer among the situation.

Just because it’s online, does not make an excuse to prepare it half-heartedly. On the contrary, you should pay more attention to many aspects that may interfere with your performance – be it from the devices, the software, to your internet connection. Also, get yourself ready; rehearse and evaluate not only your voice, but also your nonverbal cues such as facial expression, tone of voice, eye contact.

The Conclusion

Is all the hassle necessary? Isn’t it “just” an online pitching? “A successful online pitching is the one presented by a person who has prepared the pitching material properly and correctly, according to the objectives he/she is trying to achieve. Be there as a solution provider, not a product seller!”

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