Speaking of innovation, digima ASIA is indeed known as a digital innovation specialist in Indonesia for a while. We spoke with Daniel V. Lie, Global Chief Executive at digima ASIA, regarding the various breakthroughs he will bring in the near future.

Over the years, digima ASIA has transformed the mindset of practitioners in the field of human resources (HR), or talent management through innovative and effective learning programs in developing workforce capacity through digital-oriented methods. They have been working on this, even before the pandemic came and changed various aspects of online training.

There are three innovations that are the focus of DIGIMA ASIA through MoleaWiz:

First, in terms of content, ASIA’s digima learning platform called MoLeaWiz will be pushed forward so that it not only provides e-learning content, but also game-based content. So, there will be many typical game-shaped designs of learning. In addition, the virtual reality aspect will also be optimized so that the enhanced content will be in accordance with the competencies to be built.

Second, in the near future, Digima ASIA will launch MoLeaWiz version 5 (M5) with the advantages of being seamless, high-speed, and technologically already in hand. In addition, they have also prepared to improve the usability and a better user experience.

Third, in terms of Learning as a Service (LaaS), digima ASIA will make a collaboration between MoLeaWiz and AI (robots) so that every learner will have a ‘companion’ while they are studying. Just like the FAQ and Help features on Google, this ‘companion robot’ will later be tasked with assisting the learning process.

Prioritizing LaaS (Learning as a Service), digima ASIA presents a comprehensive learning system in which there is a house called MoLeaWiz with the contents in MoLeaWiz as its inhabitants. Feel free to adopt the LaaS solution that digima ASIA wants to bring to your organization. “There is exclusivity presented by digima ASIA through MoLeaWiz, because it can be adjusted based on the specific needs of each client,” concluded Daniel V. Lie.

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