<p>Long story short, we’re faced with the sudden task of executing online testing for our organization’s first recruitment after COVID19. Don’t panic yet, Novy, Head of HRM Employee Recruitment (Act.) from DEOS Group shared her tips.</p>

<p>Within DEOS’ environment, the company has applied computerised psychological tests since 2018, so when the pandemic came, adjustment to 100% online recruitment can be run smoothly. &ldquo;The key is, make sure you have built a good rapport with your IT department, and all members of your HR team have adjusted to the technology,&rdquo; she said. Don’t forget to make sure your internet connection has the capabilities to run the online testing smoothly!</p>

<p>&ldquo;During and after the testing, your recruitment team should assess the candidate’s situation wisely,&rdquo; Novy added. &ldquo;Don’t disqualify any candidates just by their test result, check out for other factors, such as the internet network during the test. Once, we felt suspicious about one candidates’ result, and found out that his result was affected by the fact that he followed the test on an internet cafe with unstable connections.&rdquo; To anticipate it, Novy suggested still doing interviews with candidates whose results are slightly lower.&nbsp;</p>

<p>When the task of migrating your organization to online recruitment seems overwhelming, Novy suggests to use the service of a vendor. &ldquo;There are lots of online testing vendors out there; just select the ones that suit our requirements and can cooperate well with our recruitment team.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>

<p>Speaking of online testing vendor, KPSG as part of DEOS Group, is also ready to assist you in undergoing smooth <a href=”https://deos-dev.d.logique.co.id/en/service/human-resources-management”>human resources</a> online test. Who knows, the experience may also serve as an &rdquo;exercise&rdquo; and knowledge transfer for your organization, if it never executed an online testing before. Reach us via the contact available in this website, should you have any inquiries or questions. Have a successful test!</p>

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