Talent acquisition plays a vital role in the future of your corporation, because the quality of your talent intake plays a role in creating your organization’s future.

As a professionally-run organization, we understand that the process of talent acquisition can take lots of resources, yet it’s also vital to develop your organization through excellent talents. Lakshmi from KPSG, one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries that has operated many years supporting talent acquisition in Indonesian corporations. She describes the complete process of talent acquisition as:

Sourcing >>> Screening Candidate’s Identity >>> Tele-inviting >>> Initial Screening >>> Testing >>> Tele-presenting >>> Hiring

Here, KPSG can support the process both from end-to-end or a la carte; only a specific process in accordance with the client’s business requirements. “The sourcing process to tele-presenting takes a long time, not to mention the human resources team that tends to be small nowadays – of course, this will disrupt the rhythm of the company,” she stated. So, if such a dilemma sounds familiar to your company when looking for employee candidates, leave it to the experts; in this case, KPSG.

“Remember, in terms of employee recruitment and the training process itself, it takes a long time and costs are not cheap. If the company isn’t used to handling it in-house, it certainly won’t be easy. However, if the company uses KPSG’s services, everything is guaranteed.”

In line with today’s remote working culture, we can also support online testing within your talent acquisition phase both through mobile apps or web-based platforms, with attention to the security aspect that won’t enable candidates to cheat.

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