The spirit of end-of-year holidays festivities are already looming on us across the cities. Yes, only a few weeks until the end of the year. Let’s manage our expectations well so that our organization’s effectiveness stays intact! How?

Bear in mind, the end-of-year moment is not the same as an ordinary weekend. First of all, your organization faces a significantly reduced workforce because many employees take their well-deserved leave. So you must understand that there will be a decrease in capacity to handle jobs or projects at this particular moment. Therefore, plan your jobs accordingly – if you’re not on leave, it’s also not wise to push the button of so-called productivity and make strategic decisions/impactful programs during that moment. You will need your full team’s capacity to conduct and supervise it. Don’t take last minute risks, make a realistic plan that will fit your team, schedule, and projects.

So, are we just laying around during the festive days? Nope, we can still do some reasonable tasks in this moment, such as:
-Evaluate on things/projects that show unexpected result this year and find out how you can do better in following year
-Clean up workstation – be it your home office or your desk/room in the office, it’s a good moment to make simple clean up or makeover to boost your morale for the next year
-Arrange a fun, get-together with your team to switch presents, play team-building games, and reflect together on the past year.

Last but not least, you’re very welcome to make your personal plan or start doing little steps toward your 2021 career plan.