Out of sight, out of mind?

Speaking of building maintenance, sometimes we may slip into putting too much attention polishing what’s seen on the surface instead of what’s not. For example, scrubbing our marble floorings to keep it shiny and impressive for all guests.

“In terms of maintenance, sometimes the STP part gets overlooked,” Mrs. Deffi from Dunia Kerja Indonesia, one of DEOS Group’s subsidiaries, shared. STP refers to the Sewage Treatment Plant, the process of removing contaminants from your building’s wastewater, and producing treated wastewater that is safe enough for release into the environment.

There are also other overlooked roles of building maintenance that’s no less important. Sometimes, we forget the holiday or workday, WFH or WFO, the maintenance of a building has to keep on going. “In terms of security, the standard is to still have a security guard stand by on location 24 hours, even during holiday – especially to monitor electrical risks,” she added.

Moreover, there are still organizations who perceive building maintenance as non-priority cost, therefore they don’t post the budget for it. The truth is, “Good maintenance will increase the life time of the building equipment, the investment value will increase. Cleanliness and maintenance of the building area must be an important highlight, don’t ever think it can be clean and beautiful without more cost because in fact, every element has a cost.”

Mrs. Deffi reminds us that we should pay equal attention to the maintenance part that is ‘seen’ and what’s not. To serve clients with such complete maintenance is the aim for DKI. “ Without building maintenance, there will be no stable electricity, smooth water flows, and there can also be a waste of electricity and water usage.”

Thinking more about your building maintenance now? Or do you still have unanswered questions or inquiries? You can consult more about it with Dunia Kerja Indonesia (DKI) to improve for your building and customer experiences.

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