The new generation of workforce comes with its own preference – and if you’re not anticipating it well, you risk your organisation to experience the “brain drain”.

If we follow the current news, we heard the terms brain drain a lot recently. What is it? The formal definition is the emigration of highly trained or intelligent people from a particular country. For example, when lots of intellectual citizens feel like the country does not have shared value with them, they decided to take refuge in another country, resulting in the country lacking the necessary talent to build it further.

Brain drain might be a geopolitical issue, but similar things can happen within your organisation when you’re not doing your employer branding right, during talent acquisition process. The new generation of talented workforce, the Millenials and Gen Z that’s sometimes dubbed as Zillenials, are known for their preference in serving their talents with passion, only to organisations that they perceive as having admirable work cultures and shared values with them. Not just about salary, they can avoid applying to an organisation if they perceive the company as not having good initiatives for the environment – for example. They can check you out on Indeks SRI-KEHATI just to ensure your credibility in running a “green business”.

If you find yourself on the “bad” side of the talent war, you can suffer from having a painfully challenging talent acquisition in the human resources department. Your organisation may be viewed as the “backup plan” with only talents that don’t get accepted in your competitor’s organisation that come to you. “This kind of talent war requires companies to strengthen their reputation and credibility, especially on the employee side,” stated Rizky Rezari, the Director of ADVIKA. “One of the outputs of employer branding is the perceived image of how proud employees are at the company, which is one of the efforts to increase engagement.”

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