Both are equally dangerous for our business’ sustainability – so let’s take these precautionary measures, especially if you are serving as the Human Resources or Office Manager in your organization! Yes, we shall never underestimate disaster, be it natural or man-made to our business, because according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 40-60% of small businesses close permanently after a disaster. Among businesses that are closed for at least five days, 90% fail within a year.

Check out the steps below to make sure our organization’s disaster preparedness:

Step 1: Identify Risk

Check out your infrastructure’s geographical area and map the potentials of disaster there (if you’re located in more than 1 premises, check separately). Consider where computer servers & vital assets are located, and moreover, it’s also relevant to understand where your employees are working remotely.

Step 2: Develop a disaster response team

Have a competent team across departments, to identify each department’s unique requirements during disaster and make sure this team is equipped with the right skills & tools to be relied on during disaster.

Step 3: Cooperate with Your Neighbor

During disaster, you may have no choice but to cooperate with your least-prepared neighbor. We’re always part of a community, no matter where, so it’s important to also build a ‘herd immunity’ against this disaster. The longer your community takes to get back on its feet, the longer you’re likely to recover too.

So, don’t wait until the unwanted happens – the initiatives for DRM should be an everyday business for your organization – especially due to the facts that we’re a volcanic archipelago in the tropical area.

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