The importance of a strong employer branding approach should not be underestimated by companies looking to increase their competitiveness in 2022. We spoke with Monica Gunawan, our Senior Recruitment Staff, regarding how DEOS Group approach their human resources. 

Along with the rebranding in 2020, DEOS also took the initiative to carry out an employer branding strategy. One way is to activate the new face of DEOS Group, and consistently update social media with business-related content to things that may be considered trivial but essential in the business world. This activity is of course a great service and contribution from the Business Marketing Services team that coordinates with various internal and external parties. 

Then what about the role of HRM? The DEOS rebranding which coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic motivated the HRM team to be more creative in adapting to the existing conditions. HRM strives to continue to provide maximum service, in line with the business and company culture that focuses on service while maintaining professionalism. ADAPTATION and DIGITALIZATION are the keys at this time which in the end unconsciously became one of the employer branding strategies carried out by HRM. 

HRM, especially in the recruitment department, strives to adapt using technology to facilitate and speed up the recruitment system. Even though at this time, the recruitment system is still not perfect, renewal is always initiated even in small things. Based on the results of the HRM survey of candidates who have been processed, 80% said they were satisfied with the fast and professional service. 

HRM also breaks down the “wall” that has been created as if HRM is a private team, and is now a “friend” and “bridge” for employees and users through the use of digital communication media to maintain maximum service delivery in limited face-to-face situations. One simple example is changing the document format from hardcopy to softcopy, of course, taking into account confidentiality and other factors, so that document distribution can be carried out without any significant obstacles. 

Employer branding starts from a simple real initiative to be realized consistently and continuously updated in order to have a big impact on the company, employees, and related external parties.